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How Exactly Does A Mortise Lock Work?

How Exactly Does A Mortise Lock Work?
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With their intricate and ornate designs and antique, nostalgia-inducing knobs and holes, we wonder why not all homes or commercial buildings employ mortise locks. What an experience it would be to feel as though you are being transported to another world as you turn that crystal or patented brass knobs! Efficiency and practicality are the reasons why you don’t find them in use commonly. That is to say, this kind is a bit more complicated in terms of lock installation than the regular ones. Here we will learn how safe they are and how they actually work. It is no big mystery and its functioning is surprisingly common like the other locks.

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Hardware parts

Locking mechanismThe two main parts are the lock body or the case which is installed to the door, drilled or cut into the door according to specifications; and the strike plate, installed to the doorjamb. To operate the lock body, a handle, knob, or lever, of whichever trim fits your fancy, is to be attached. If the body has been locked from the inside, it can be opened by inserting the key, of course a skeleton key is an option, through the cylinder lock and twisting. Sounds pretty basic right?

Locking mechanism

This particular type has been considered as one of the safest in the wide array of locks owing to its working mechanism. In a typical set, the locking mechanism is composed of a deadbolt and a latchbolt, and this is one combination that does double work in securing the building. These bolts, usually made of steel, shoot perfectly into the coordinating holes in the strike plate. The latchbolt is opened at a twist of the handle, while the deadbolt is opened by unlocking the cylinder using the key. Now, manufacturers differ in the number of levers holding the bolts and the higher the number, the safer is the building. The levers work like any other mechanism, that is to say, the correct key turns the set of levers aligning them perfectly so the bolt will slide out unobstructed. Further, several choices are also available with respect to the kind and quantity of the bolts or latches.

Most people agree that this type is best-suited for homes. This is an encouraging trend but homeowners need to trend with caution if they decide to install them. Statistics reveal that homeowners who try to install a mortise lock by themselves not realizing that specifications vary per commercial brand. These eager folks end up messing their doors and reaching for the phone to seek our professional help later. So it is always best to seek our expertise to install, repair, or replace hardware.

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