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How to Troubleshoot Door Locks

How to Troubleshoot Door Locks
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How can you tell your security lock doesn't work well? Obviously, when you have trouble locking or opening the door, inserting or turning the key! The question is: what can be wrong? From door knob to key and lock mechanism problems, anything is possible. Diagnosing a problem is often difficult and that's why you will probably need the help of Locksmith Meopham. The right conclusions as to which part is damaged will enable you to understand what must be done in order for the problem to be fixed. Since such matters are all related to your security, it's important to take things under control as fast as possible and make sure damage is repaired. So, the main first step is to troubleshoot the door locks.

Common problems related to locks and keys usually fall into two big categories. They would either have to do with problems related to the mechanism or lock assembly, as well as a damaged key. In the case of the latter, things are easier. All you have to do is to get a key duplicate. Things are easier when there are key problems because damage is easily seen. You can tell if the key is slightly bent or rusty and the only thing you will have to do is to take quick action and get a new key replacement. Things get tougher though when they are related to the lock assembly. If there is something wrong with the strike plate, you will see it. So, this would an easy problem, too. If the plate is damaged or the screws loose, you can either replace the whole strike plate or tighten the screws. 

Find the true reasons of lock problems 

How to Troubleshoot Door Locks Things get more difficult when problems have to do with the lock. So, what can be wrong with them? The best way to understand what's wrong is to consider the symptom. Do you have a hard time turning or inserting the key? Does the cylinder move along with the turning key? Is the latch bolt not entering the strike plate slot? Such problems indicate that there is something amiss with the mechanism. If you are sure the key is not damaged and the correct one is used for a specific lock, but you cannot insert it in the keyhole or turn it, the lock probably needs lubrication. It might also need cleaning. The key is not working well with the pins of the mechanism when the parts are dirty and stiff. Though, if the cylinder turns with the key, it will either need tightening or replacement. For either reason, you will have to remove the mechanism and check if there is need to tighten the screws. If this fails, you will need a lock replacement. 

When the cylinder turns but the set screws are in place, it is broken. When the bolt is not inserted in the hole of the strike plate even if you align it, the problem should be checked immediately. If lock repair doesn't fix the problem, it will need to be replaced. If the mechanism is checked and everything seems alright but still the bolt is not inserted in the strike plate, consider the option of checking the security door, too. If the hinges are loose or rusty, you will need to fix them to in order for the door to be aligned and so will the bolt with the strike plate.   

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